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Postgame Quotes - Dec. 6, 2002



Dec. 6, 2002

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Kansas State Head Coach Suzie Fritz

Opening comments...

"I was very pleased with the way we responded to a very good volleyball team. In my opinion, they are a very good team. They certainly served extremely aggressive and throughout most of the match we were trying to force them out of their system. We were finding it very difficult to do. They were a very good passing team as well. (Nicole) Poquette got away from us a little bit on the right side. We couldn't seem to be able to find an answer for her. But for the most part, I thought that we did a nice job of being very patient and touching them and frustrating them. As the match went on, I think that they made some unforced errors."

On K-State's middle blockers...

"Lauren (Goehring) was in particular exceptional. We've know that all year long. She is a fabulous, fabulous ballclub player. In my opinion, one of the best middle blockers in the country because not just the physical things she can do. She is extremely efficient. She's difficult to defend."

On what she told her team late in each game...

"Very rarely am I saying anything magical. We're usually just talking about here's what we need to do. Here's the pattern we want to run. Here's what we think is going to happen. Here is the highest percentage hitter. Talking about tendencies and things like that. And then I tell them, 'Let's get going.' "

On Gabby Guerre attacking the ball...

"Sometimes the situation has to be right for a setter to take some swings. The ball's got to be a little higher, a little tighter to the tape for her to be able to get on it. I thought that Gabby distributed the ball exceptionally well tonight, in terms of trying to exploit some of their weaknesses."

On the K-State fans...

"Our crowd was absolutely fabulous. Our fans were absolutely tremendous. It is so much better when they are pulling for you, when they're screaming and they're yelling, and they're getting involved in the match. I thought that they were absolutely fabulous. We need them to come out and watch tomorrow.

Lauren Goehring, Jr., MB

On closing each match strong...

"I think that we wanted to get it over a little bit sooner. But they are a good team, they hung in there. They fought hard. I'm glad that we were able to fight harder and pull it off. I think that we had some practice at Missouri."


Michigan Head Coach, Mark Rosen

Opening comments...

"Kansas State did a great job, especially in game one and two. At critical points they controlled those games. I'm very proud of game three. I think they came out and fought well. We kind of got in trouble late in game three, but we regrouped well especially at the end of the game. Unfortunately, we didn't get some breaks and we weren't able to pull that one out."

On the biggest difficulty...

"Both games were tied at 23 and at the same rotation each game we got in trouble. They made a couple of great plays. They raised their level a little bit and we lowered ours a little bit. Then we'd be down by four or five and they did a good job in those situations."

On K-State's Lauren Goehring...

"There's no question. We knew coming in that she was one of their go-to players. She has such great vision. They run the ball to her in a way that creates a one-on-one a lot and since they have other good attackers you have to respect them too. You can't just rely on blockers, you have to allow your diggers to make big plays. I thought that she did a great job and she seems to come through at big points. In game three, we were able to get three blockers on her effectively. She is one that definitely deserves looks when to comes to All-America selections."

Erin Moore, Jr., MB

On being able to finish game...

"All year we've have had trouble with this. It's kind of poetic justice how we never fixed the problem and it got us in the end. We've never really fixed it, but it's something to work on in the off-season."

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