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Oct. 5, 2013 - TCU vs. K-State Post-Match Quotes



Oct. 5, 2013

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TCU vs. K-State

Post-Match Quotes


Coach Suzie Fritz

On the team trying to get early points in the sets…

“I think we are making progress. We hit over .240 in three out of five games - which is better than we have been - against a relatively physical block and a good defensive and serving team. They put a lot of pressure on us with their serving. I feel like we are making progress. I do not feel like we are where we have to be for us to ultimately be the most successful that we can be, but we are searching a little bit to. We are trying some different personnel, and putting them in different places to see where we are best and how we can get the most out of them that uses their strengths. So we are still looking to see what that looks like.”

On making adjustments for Kaitlynn Pelger…

“I actually thought that we went away from her for a little while. We were over using her through the middle part, and we did not have a lot of balance in our offense. When we actually went away from her and generated some kills for other people, then we were able to free her up again. It is not necessarily something that we were doing except to try and get more balance offensively.”

On motivation said to the team in the fourth set…

“Our motto has always been breath, believe, and battle. I think during that time, I was reminding them that here is who we want to be. It is easy to be that way when things are going your way. It is not easy to breath, believe, and battle when things are not going your way, but now is the time that we need it the most. I remember expressing that sentiment late when we were going to have to find it within ourselves to work our way back in it.”


Senior outside hitter Courtney Traxson
On battling back in the match …

“When we lose that momentum, we do not get back it back as fast.  When we do have the momentum, we like to have it early. When we find that momentum early, it is easier to continue on that run.”

On playing as a team…

“I think we work really well together.  If we just come together and slow things down on the court then we can turn things around a little faster.”

On offensive production…

“We have been working on our first-swing offense - just trying to get rhythm going. We need to be way more terminal then we are.  The sooner we can kill the ball the easier the rally goes for us; the longer it goes, it is harder to win it.” 

Senior middle blocker Kaitlynn Pelger

On pulling off the comeback….

“I think we are still finding our new identity. We are just trying to keep good rhythm and get better.  Throughout the match we were getting better, but then we kind of fell off a little bit.  We played the way we wanted to in the fifth set.”

On K-State’s fifth set…

“We seem to always win those fifth sets.  You do not want to go to the fifth set when you are playing K-State volleyball. We just have this fire in us. It is unbelievable.”

On Big 12 competition…

“If you want to win games in the Big 12, you have to side out with teams.  KU is a great first-swing offense team and we did not match them.  If you are not a good offensive team in the Big 12, you cannot work your way back into the match. “