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Sept. 21, 2013 - K-State vs. Saint Louis Post-Match Quotes



Sept. 22, 2013

Recap |  Box Score

Head Coach Suzie Fritz

On the positives of the match…

“We found a way to win when it mattered, our errors were low, our kills were relatively high, and our transition game was pretty sharp.”

On Lilla Porubek…

“Lilla plays with so much experience. She takes smart swings and sees things at such a high level. She plays like a really experienced player, like a senior should. That’s what we need from her.”

On Courtney Traxson…

“We made a little lineup adjustment where we moved [Courtney] Traxson back to the left side in an effort to rest Dakota Kaufman. The fact that Traxson can play one position and then the next day play another position speaks a lot about her abilities and how far she has come from where she started.”

On K-State’s serving strategy…

“We were taking a little bit more risk in our serves, especially in game two. We were serving strategically a little bit better. We were getting the serves on somebody that we felt like we would get an advantage. We got complacent in the third game as we felt like we could just serve it inbounds and that would be that. What we didn’t understand was that our serving was what was creating the opportunities we were getting.”


Senior outside hitter Lilla Porubek

On being named MVP…

“It was a team effort. Our whole team was deserving of being the most valuable. It feels good personally, but more importantly, it is a feeling of I have a team around me that is helping me out. I have good support.”

On the team finishing off Saint Louis…

“We just looked at each other and knew we could play better than that. We said, ‘Ok, we need to get it done.’”

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