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Postgame Quotes



Kansas State Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Suzie Fritz
On initial reactions…
“I hate to always be dissatisfied, but it is just in my nature that I want to play more consistent. I want to take care of details. I thought there were a couple things we did really well. We continued to serve well, and serving can be one of the identities of this team. Serving can really be a skill that can be great. Right now we are on our way to putting an enormous amount of pressure on the opponent with our serve. We did a wonderful job of defending out of system, left side attack. The reason I was happy about that is because that is what we worked on this week. So we saw the results of that tonight, and we blocked a lot more balls. We have been working really hard at it. To see those couple of things come together tonight is nice.”

On Caitlyn Donahue…
“She is what we are talking about when we talk about defending the left side. She is a primary right front blocker. (Kathleen) Ludwig and (Chelsea) Keating are also primary right front blockers. Their responsibility is to set the block and to get the relationship we want on the left side attacker. The middle’s responsibility is then to close and to get that block as tight as they can get it. Those two things happened in succession pretty consistently tonight. ”

On  Alex Muff…
“Alex has always been our defensive anchor. She blocks the most balls, and she is the most physical player we have at the net. To see her be able to do some of the other things she is doing right now, in terms of the offense that she is providing, she has got significantly better behind the setter attacking and making little plays in and around the net.  She is a volleyball player. When s he came to us, those were not some of the things she was able to do, and to be able to watch her game really come together is really special.”

On Chelsea Keating
“If you ask her what her job is, she is going to say to kill the ball. That is just who she is. She is not going to tip it very much. She is going to hit it as hard as she can every time, and we love that about her. Early in her career, hitting the ball as hard as she could, did not necessarily mean hitting it in. So now she has gained a little more control and a lot more composure. She is taking big swings, finding the floor and seeing what is in front of her.  Her vision has improved dramatically.”

Junior middle blocker Kaitlynn  Pelger.
On  tonight’s win …
“A win is a win. We went out; they came in and put up a fight. We just played our volleyball and won in three, which is good. ”

On team’s blocking…
“All week we have been focusing on defense and getting our block tight, which is exactly what Suzie (Fritz) wanted us to do. Sixteen blocks in three games is awesome. We came in and did exactly what we wanted to do tonight.”

On starting the match well …
“We talk about starting off well, (Caitlyn) Donahue went back and dug three balls in a row and that really got us going.”