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Equestrian Takes Home Honors



MT. VERNON, Mo. The Kansas State Equestrian team competed in a morning and afternoon session on Saturday at the Missouri State Western Show. In the morning session, Kansas State finished in second place with a total of 16 points falling behind first place Black Hawk College who accumulated 24 points. In the afternoon session, K-State finished in first place with 38 points and host team Missouri State finished in second with 20 points. Also in the morning show the Reserve High Point Rider was sophomore Lindsey Salsbury. In the afternoon show there was a tie for High Point Rider between Sara Weller and Shanda Draper, and after a coin toss, Shanda Draper came out as the undisputed High Point Rider.


Kansas State had 13 first place finishers on the day, including Sarah Haltom in Novice, Stacey Lutz in Intermediate 2 Section 2, Kristen Schulte in Beginner Section 2, Erin Paulsen in Intermediate 2 Section 3, Lindsey Salsbury in Reining, Sara Weller in Reining, Katie Edwards in Novice Horsemanship, Shanda Draper in Open Horsemanship, Erin Paulsen in Intermediate Section 2, Kristin Schulte in Beginner, Sarah Haltom in Novice Section 2, Kara Taddiken in Advanced Section 2 and Gina Remus in Intermediate Section 1.


“We had a slow start in the morning show,” head coach Teresa Slough said. “I think since we had such a large lead in our region coming into the show today we got a little to comfortable and unfocused. After the morning show we regrouped and really dominated the second show.”


The Wildcats are off next week, but will be back in action on November 5 at home with an English Hunt Seat show.


Kansas State Morning Show Results:

Intermediate Section 1: 2nd- Gina Remus

Advanced Horsemanship 2nd- Dana Totten

Advanced Section B: 3rd- Becky Abramovitz

Intermediate 2 Section 1: 6th- Katie Steinle

Beginner: 6th- Emily Wolfe

Novice: 1st- Sarah Haltom, 5th- Megan Montgomery

Intermediate 2 Section 2: 1st- Stacey Lutz

Beginner Section 2: 1st- Kristen Schulte

Intermediate 2 Section 3: 1st- Erin Paulsen

Novice Section 2: 3rd- Amy Anderson, 4th- Michelle Schneider

Open Horsemanship: 3rd- Lindsey Slasbury, 4th- Shanda Draper, 5th- Lindsey Hicks, 6th- Jana Lechtenberg

Reining: 1st- Lindsey Salsbury, 3rd- Lindsey Hicks, 4th- Shanda Draper, 5th- Sara Weller.


Kansas State Afternoon Show Results:

Reining: 1st- Sara Weller, 4th- Shanda Draper, 5th- Lindsey Hicks, 6th- Lindsey Salsbury

Novice Horsemanship: 1st- Katie Edwards, 2nd- Valerie Meyer

Open Horsemanship: 1st- Shanda Draper, 2nd- Lindsey Salsbury, 3rd- Jana Lechtenberg, 4th- Sara Weller, 6th- Dennon Zimbelman

Intermediate Section 1: 1st- Erin Paulsen

Beginner: 1st- Kristen Schulte

Novice Section 2: 1st- Sara Haltom, 2nd- Alden Haugh

Beginner Section 2: 4th- Emily Wolfe

Intermediate Section 2: 2nd- Erin Mader

Advanced: 4th- Becky Abramovitz

Advanced Section 2: 1st- Kara Taddiken

Intermediate 1: 1st- Gina Remus, 2nd- Camille Thibault