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Postgame Quotes Kansas State vs. TCU



March 3, 2014

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson
Opening Statement…
“The reality of this game is you do not win in Big 12 play scoring 46 points. That was the story on a night where baskets were hard to come by. We had some trips to the foul line that we could not match. It was just quite simple; those 46 points cannot beat anybody in the Big 12. We shot 25 percent in the second half and that is the story of the game. On the last possession of the game, you have a wide-open three point look and another opportunity for a three-point look to tie the game and we cannot ask for much more than that as baskets were hard to come by. One resulted in a miss and the other resulted in a turnover. To me, that is the difference in a slow-paced, hard-to-find-your-basket basketball game.”

On second half struggles…
“That was a big problem, obviously. We like to come out and have some pop. We like to extend upon the lead and have at least two players out there who can be effective on the perimeter and move the ball side to side. I think that kept us in a big funk for the better part of the last 10-12 minutes offensively. Defensively, I really do not take issue with our game because we are holding a Big 12 opponent to 51 points and they were shooting 46 percent on the night. We gave them a couple three-point looks that I would like to get back against (Zahna) Medley but in a game like this, there are going to be little possessions that are going to make all the difference in critical situations, like during the end of the game. We just did not step up and make the plays and that really was the difference.”

On Chantay Caron entering the game…
“I thought when she went in, it immediately gave us a boost that we needed. She had that presence down low that allowed some us get some penetration passes on a night where it was hard to get penetration dribble. She goes in the game and suddenly we are finding them and then she is doing a good job of in and outs. She gives a chance to take shots that you hope will drop in. That was great energy and she did a great job defensively for us. She kind of kept us alive during that game.”

Freshman Kindred Wesemann
On her performance tonight…
“It was just my teammates getting me the ball. When I am open, I am going to shoot it. Whenever you are hitting your shots, you just have to keep shooting.”

On the two quick fouls in second half…
“I felt like I played defense like I did in the first half on both of those plays, so I was caught off guard by those foul calls. They called the fouls, so you have to respect that. You just hope it rallies up people and keeps the energy we have.”

Senior Chantay Caron
On missed opportunities late in the game…
“Those are just plays that seniors need to step up and make. Those are the plays that we need and someone has to make them.”

TCU Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Jeff Mittie
On their defense game plan…
“Well, for Wesemann it was not to give her those looks in the first half—I can assure you that because we knew she was a great shooter. I thought overall our defense was solid, though. We flew around and guarded the shooters. We wanted to make them guard one-on-one on the inside. I thought Lewis had a great stretch in the second half, but overall I thought we did a great job of pressuring the perimeter.”   

On guarding Leti Romero…
“We tried to get the ball out of her hands as much as possible. We wanted to fight the ball screens that they run for her, trap her at times, which we did. We tried to mix it up at times. We went to some man-to-man and confuse them with some looks. Deception for us defensively is something that we have been trying to do with our team because we do not have the biggest team and they really hurt us on the glass in the second half and had some chances, so we tried to use some deception. I thought our players did a nice job tonight with that.”

On the road win…
“There are not many road wins out there. I do not know that we played particularly well. I am not sure either team found their rhythm tonight, but it was a great hard fought game. I thought both teams fought extremely hard but neither team really found much offense all night. Road wins are hard to come by. We lost at the buzzer here last year and this one had a similar look to it in terms of it coming down to the last two or three possessions. We have trouble loosening them up. I thought their defense in the first half was great. We could not get them on any backdoor stuff. We had a couple lobs in the second half that we felt like we might be able to get and we did a great job of executing those plays. I felt like that loosened us up a little bit around the perimeter and then we were able to get to the free throw line. That was critical for us.”

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