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Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl Announcement Teleconference



Dec. 8, 2013

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder
Opening Statement...
"We are honored and proud to be selected for the bowl game. We've had so many opportunities to be in Phoenix and the surrounding areas for this bowl game and the Fiesta Bowl, as well. We just have a great appreciation for the people there that have treated us in a very first-class manner. We appreciate the opportunity to be back and are honored to be chosen." On playing Michigan when he was the Offensive Coordinator at Iowa... "I had the greatest of respect for Bo Schembechler. I think he was the building block for all the success that Michigan has had. It was always a very challenging time competing against them. They were always a tremendous football team and they always have been. Their record is comparable to ours. I think we've become a better football team and I think that is probably the case for Michigan, as well. I just admire what they've meant to college football and the kind of program that they have - a very first-class program."

On the importance of playing in a bowl game...
"As I've said so many times, the major significance of playing in a bowl game is two-fold. Number one is the fact that it gives our wonderful fan base an opportunity to vacation in a warm-weather climate. Our fans appreciate those opportunities and they travel so very well. For so many, that is their vacation and I take that to heart. It means a great deal to me. Also, it's the opportunity for our young guys to continue to make the progress that's important to our program, and to have the opportunity to compete in a bowl game year-in and year-out is significant and it means a lot to them."

On the history of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, formerly the Copper and Insight.com bowls...
"The first one is such a memorable moment for Kansas State. It was a tremendous ballgame and our youngsters played well. The most significant thing was the fact that we took 22,000 people to the Copper Bowl in a period of time when we couldn't get 22,000 people in the stands at the stadium for ballgames. We had a pep rally down there in a hotel that couldn't house as many people as we had - we had over 5,000 people at the pep rally the night before the ballgame. That was an exciting period of time to me and certainly our players. It meant a great deal. The next time we played down there we didn't play very well and lost the ballgame. We had a lot of wonderful people there that had followed us, but it wasn't one of my favorite periods of time."

Michigan Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison
Opening Statement...
"I would like to say that the University of Michigan and our football program is very excited to represent the Big Ten and represent our university at the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. We know we're playing a great opponent. Any team that is coached by Bill Snyder and what he's done over his career and what he's done with his football teams, we know we have a definite challenge. It's exciting for our team to have that opportunity to finish with one more game. It has been a disappointing season in some ways because we lost a number of games by very close scores. Playing in this game and playing one last game gives us an opportunity to do what we have to do."

On Kansas State's offense...
"I've had a chance to watch them tonight. I mentioned earlier and I mean this sincerely - Coach Snyder is a tremendous football coach. They will always be very, very well coached, which they are. To win five of the last six games and average 35 points per game, you know their offense has the ability to score on anybody. The running back, (John) Hubert, is an excellent running back. You don't gain 1,000 yards on the people they play if you're not a great running back, which also means their offensive line is very good. (Tyler) Lockett, on the films that I've watched tonight, every time you look, he's behind somebody catching a long pass. Both quarterbacks - one might say that one doesn't throw well, but he throws well enough. (Jake Waters) is an excellent quarterback and you can see him getting better and better all the time. When you bring in (Daniel Sams), he can hurt you so much with his feet and his ability to run. The dual threat gives them a very potent attack."