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K-State Coach Bill Snyder Quotes





On the defensive effort"

            'It was a good effort by our defense, both players and coaches alike. It wasn't perfect but I thought our youngsters played hard. I think they were a little embarrassed by last week. I think they made a step forward. They still have a ways to go but I was not unhappy with the way they played.'


On the rain affecting offense"

            'We practice in the rain. We ought to be able to play better in the rain. Troy State had a lot to do with the fact that we weren't as productive as we would have liked. But we had a lot to do with that as well. They put us in a position where we were going to have to throw the ball constantly. I really didn't want to do that, but that's the position they put us in.'


On Sproles going down"

            'I'd be concerned and worried about any youngster that went down, whether it's Darren or anyone else on our football team or on their football team for that matter. It's a game in which injuries sometimes prevail and yet you have feelings for anybody that gets hurt playing this game.'


On the pass rush"

            'I think it was a little bit better. I'd need to see it on video to make an honest assessment. I'm quite confident it was better.'


On Troy State's team"

            'Troy State is for real. They are well-coached and played hard all the time. If you were watching closely, you never saw anyone give up. They played every bit as hard on the last snap as they did on the first. This is a good football team and they can do a lot of things.'


On throwing downfield"

            'We were so-so. We got some big plays but we were forced into it. That's what happens when you play against that type of defense.'


On Brian Casey"

            'He's done a nice job in more ways than one. I wouldn't say he was great just because of one catch. He is developing his game in all aspects, as a blocker and a pass receiver.'


On Jermaine Moreira"

'Jermaine is learning. He is a work in progress and that's what freshmen are going to do. I wanted to get him about 40 snaps and my guess is he probably got pretty close to that.'

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