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Wildcat Honor Roll



National Player of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward

(CBS Sports.com, Rivals.com)

Nasmith Player of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward (runner-up)

John R. Wooden Player of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward (runner-up)

National Freshman of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward

(CBS Sports.com, Rivals.com, CollegeHoops.net, CollegeInsider.com, The Sporting News, U.S. Basketball Writers)

Pete Newell Big Man of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward

First Team
(*consensus selection)


2008   *Michael Beasley, forward
(AP, John R. Wooden Award, NABC/State Farm, CBS Sports.com, Rivals.com, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, ESPN.com, Dick Vitale, U.S. Basketball Writers Assocation)
1981   Rolando Blackman, guard

(Helms, The Sporing News, Converse Yearbook, Wooden Award)

1980   Rolando Blackman, guard

(Helms, Converse Yearbook)
1978   Mike Evans, guard


1976   Chuckie Williams, guard


1975   Chuckie Williams, guard

1973   Steve Mitchell, center

1964   Willie Murrell, guard
1959   *Bob Boozer, forward
(AP, UPI, Helms, Look, Converse Yearbook, The Sporting News, Newspaper Enterprises Assoc., National Association of Basketball Coaches)
1958   Bob Boozer, forward
(Helms, Look, National Association of Basketball Coaches)
1953   Dick Knostman, guard
(Helms, Look, Newspaper Enterprises Association)
1951   Ernie Barrett, guard
(Helms, The Sporting News, International News Service)
1950   Rick Harman, guard
(The Sporting News)
1917   F.I. Reynolds, guard



Second Team

1988   Mitch Richmond, forward
(UPI, Basketball Weekly, The Sporting News and U.S. Basketball Writers Association)
1981   Rolando Blackman, guard
(Basketball Weekly, The Basketball Times)
1976   Chuckie Williams, guard
(Basketball Weekly, Converse Yearbook, The Sporting News)
1964   Willie Murrell, guard
(Converse Yearbook)
1962   Mike Wroblewski, guard
(The Sporting News)
1958   Bob Boozer, forward
(AP, UPI, Converse Yearbook, International News Service, The Sporting News)
1957   Jack Parr, guard
(Helms, Converse Yearbook)

1953   Dick Knostman, guard
(AP, UPI, Colliers, International News Service)

1952   Dick Knostman, guard

(Converse Yearbook)

1951   Ernie Barrett, guard
(Converse Yearbook, Look)

1950   Rick Harman, guard
1948   Howard Shannon, guard


1937   Frank Groves, guard

(Omaha World Herald)

Third Team

1988   Mitch Richmond, forward

(The Basketball Times)
1980   Rolando Blackman, forward
1978   Mike Evans, guard

1958   Jack Parr, guard
(National Association of Basketball Coaches)

1952   Dick Knostman, guard


1951   Ernie Barrett, guard


1937   Frank Groves, guard
(Converse Yearbook)

Fourth Team

1953   Dick Knostman, guard
(Converse Yearbook)


2008   Michael Beasley, forward
(CBS Sports.com, Rivals.com, CollegeHoops.net, CollegeInsider.com)
       Bill Walker, forward
(CBS Sports.com, CollegeHoops.net, CollegeInsider.com)
1996   Ayome May, guard/forward
(Basketball Weekly)


Big 12

2009   Denis Clemente, guard             2nd (B12)

       Denis Clemente, guard             2nd (AP)

       Jacob Pullen, guard               HM (B12)
       Jacob Pullen, guard               HM (B12)
2008   *Michael Beasley, forward         1st (B12)
       *Michael Beasley, forward         1st (AP)
       Bill Walker, forward              3rd (B12)

       Bill Walker, forward              3rd (AP)
2007   Cartier Martin, forward           2nd (B12)

       Cartier Martin, forward           2nd (AP)
       David Hoskins, forward            2nd (B12)

       David Hoskins, forward            3rd (AP)
2006   Cartier Martin, forward           2nd (B12)

       Cartier Martin, forward           2nd (AP)

2005   Jeremiah Massey, forward          2nd (B12)

       Jeremiah Massey, forward          2nd (AP)

2004   Jeremiah Massey, forward          3rd (B12)

       Jeremiah Massey, forward          HM (AP)      

       Tim Ellis, guard                  HM (AP)

2003   Gilson DeJesus, forward           HM (AP)

       Pervis Pasco, forward             HM (B12)

2002   Larry Reid, guard                 2nd (B12)

       Larry Reid, guard                 3rd (AP)

2001   Larry Reid, guard                 HM (AP)

       Larry Reid, guard                 HM (B12)

2000   Tony Kitt, forward                HM

       Cortez Groves, guard              HM

1999   Ayome May, guard/forward          HM (AP)

       Chris Griffin, guard              HM (AP)

       Tony Kitt, forward                HM (B12)

       Manny Dies, forward               HM (B12)

       Shawn Rhodes, guard               HM (B12)

1998   Manny Dies, forward               2nd (AP)

       Manny Dies, forward               3rd (B12)

       Aaron Swartzendruber, guard       HM

1997   Mark Young, guard/forward         HM (B12)


Big Eight

1996   Elliot Hatcher, guard             1st (AP)

       Tyrone Davis, forward             2nd (AP)

       Elliot Hatcher, guard             2nd (B8)

       Tyrone Davis, forward             HM (B8)

1989   Steve Henson, guard               1st

1988   Mitch Richmond, forward           1st

1987   Norris Coleman, forward           1st

1986   Norris Coleman, forward           1st

1982   Ed Nealy, forward                 1st

1981   Rolando Blackman, guard           1st

1980   Rolando Blackman, guard           1st

1979   Rolando Blackman, guard           1st

1978   Mike Evans, guard                 1st

1977   Mike Evans, guard                 1st

       Curtis Redding, forward           1st

1976   Mike Evans, guard                 1st

       Chuckie Williams, forward         1st

1975   Chuckie Williams, guard           1st

1974   Lon Kruger, guard                 1st

1973   Lon Kruger, guard                 1st

1972   David Hall, center                1st

1970   Jerry Venable, forward            1st

       Bob Zender, forward               1st

1969   Steve Honeycutt, guard            1st

1964   Willie Murrell, forward           1st

1963   Willie Murrell, forward           1st

1962   Pat McKenzie, forward             1st

       Mike Wroblewski, center           1st

1961   Larry Comley, forward             1st

1960   Wally Frank, forward              1st

1959   Bob Boozer, forward               1st

       Don Matuszak, guard               1st

1958   Bob Boozer, forward               1st

       Jack Parr, guard                  1st


Big Seven

1957   Bob Boozer, forward

       Jack Parr, center

1956   Jack Parr, center

1953   Dick Knostman, center

1952   Dick Knostman, center

1951   Ernie Barrett, guard

       Lew Hitch, forward

       Jack Stone, forward

1950   Clarence Brannum, center

1949   Rick Harman, forward

1948   Clarence Brannum, center

       Howard Shannon, guard


Big Six

1946   Jay Payton, guard

1939   Homer Wesche, guard

1938   Homer Wesche, guard

1937   Frank Groves, center

1936   Frank Groves, center

1935   Frank Groves, center

1932   Eldon Auker, guard


Missouri Valley

1927   C.A. Byers

1926   C.A. Byers

1921   Holman Bunger, forward

       E. Cowell, guard

1920   Holman Bunger, forward

       E. Cowell, guard

1919   John Clark, center

       George Jennings, forward

1915   E.C. Jones, guard


USBWA All-District

2009   Denis Clemente, guard
2008   Michael Beasley, forward
       Bill Walker, forward
2007   Cartier Martin, forward
2006   Cartier Martin, forward
1998   Manny Dies, forward


NABC All-District

2007   Cartier Martin, forward
2006   Cartier Martin, forward

2005   Jeremiah Massey, forward


Big Eight/12 Player of the Year

2008   Michael Beasley, forward
1980   Rolando Blackman, guard

1978   Mike Evans, guard

1977   Mike Evans, guard (AP)

1974   Lon Kruger, guard

1973   Lon Kruger, guard
1959   Bob Boozer, forward
1958   Bob Boozer, forward (UPI)


Big Eight/12 Newcomer of the Year

2009   Denis Clemente, guard (AP)
2004   Jeremiah Massey, forward (AP)

1993   Anthony Beane, guard

1990   Jean Derouillere, guard (UPI)

1986   Norris Coleman, forward

1981   Randy Reed, center

1979   Ed Nealy, forward (AP)

1977   Curtis Redding, forward (AP)

1975   Mike Evans, guard (AP)

1972   Lon Kruger, guard (AP)

1971   Steve Mitchell, center (AP)

1970   Bob Zender, forward (AP)


NCAA Post-Graduate Scholar

1968   Earl Seyfert


Academic All-Americans

1982   Tim Jankovich

       Ed Nealy

1981   Tim Jankovich

       Ed Nealy

1980   Tim Jankovich

1974   Lon Kruger

1973   Lon Kruger

       Ernie Kusnyer

1972   David Hall

1968   Earl Seyfert


Academic All-Big 12

2009   Buchi Awaji                       1st
       Chris Merriewether                1st
2008   Clent Stewart                     1st
2007   Serge Afeli                       1st

       Clent Stewart                     2nd
2006   Clent Stewart                     1st

2004   Blake Bauer                       1st

       Josh Eilert                       1st

2002   Ivan Sulic                        1st

2001   Ivan Sulic                        1st

       Donnie Wallace                    1st

2000   Josh Reid                         1st

1999   Shawn Rhodes                      1st

       Josh Reid                         1st

       Tony Kitt                         HM

       Travis Reynolds                   HM

1998   Josh Reid                         1st

       Shawn Rhodes                      1st

       Aaron Swartzendruber              1st

1997   Chris Marsh                       1st

       Shawn Rhodes                      HM

       Aaron Swartzendruber              HM


Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame

1984   Jack Gardner


Helms Foundation Basketball Hall of Fame

1971   Jack Gardner


NABC East/West All-Stars

1990   Steve Henson

1988   Mitch Richmond

1981   Rolando Blackman

1978   Mike Evans

1976   Chuckie Williams

1974   Lon Kruger

1973   Steve Mitchell

1969   Gene Williams

1964   Willie Murrell


K-State Olympians


Bob Boozer

1960 U.S. Olympic Team

The first K-State Olympian was a three-time all-conference choice and two-time consensus All-American Bob Boozer.  Boozer’s advantage bordered on unfair.  He had the size one would expect from a star basketball player, 6-8, 220 pounds, yet he displayed the finesse more often associated with men six to 10 inches shorter.  Beyond that, his intelligence and burning desire to win simply set him apart from the rest.  Bob Boozer didn’t just play the game of basketball; he revolutionized it.  Boozer and teammates Oscar Robinson, Jerry West and Jerry Lucas were the key players on the 1960 U.S. Olympic Team that won the gold medal in Rome.  Today, as he reflects on so many successes, he counts the Olympic Gold as perhaps his greatest thrill of all.  There is reason to be proud.  In 1984, the 1960 team was voted the best Olympic team ever assembled, and the group has been inducted into the Olympic Hall of Fame.  Following the Olympic Games, Boozer played 11 seasons in the NBA and helped the Milwaukee Bucks to the 1971 NBA title.


Rolando Blackman

1980 U.S. Olympic Team

Twenty years after Bob Boozer won a gold medal, Rolando Blackman earned a spot on the 1980 squad, but did not actually compete in the Moscow games due to the U.S. boycott.  Blackman completed his K-State career in 1981 as a two-time All-American and Big Eight Athlete-of-the-Year.  He led the Wildcats to the NCAA West Regional Championship in 1981 and was the ninth player taken in the 1981 NBA draft by the Dallas Mavericks.  In 11 seasons in Dallas, Ro played in four NBA all-star games and was called the league’s “quintessential off-guard” by coaching legend Pat Riley.  He was traded to the New York Knicks during the summer of 1992 and helped the Knicks reach the 1993 Eastern Finals. On March 11, 2000, Blackman’s number was retired by the Dallas Mavericks.


Mitch Richmond

1988 & 1996 U.S. Olympic Teams

The latest Wildcat to compete for the U.S. Olympic team is Mitch Richmond. After leading K-State to its miraculous run to the 1988 NCAA Midwest Regional Championship game, Richmond helped the United States to a bronze medal at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.  Richmond returned to the Olympic venue on Dream Team III, which captured the gold medal in Atlanta. A rare mixture of immense talent and all-out effort, Richmond was the fifth player taken in the 1988 NBA draft and won 1989 NBA Rookie-of-the-Year honors after averaging 22.0 points for the Golden State Warriors.  His career scoring average (22.4 ppg) ranks 23rd in NBA history, fifth among active players. Richmond is one of just four players in NBA history to average 21.0 points or more in each of their first 10 years in the league.  In addition to his Olympic Bronze and Gold Medals, Richmond was also the leading scorer (16.2 ppg) on the 1987 U.S. World Games Team.  In 1993, his second year with the Sacramento Kings, Richmond was selected to play in his first NBA All-Star game. In 1995 he was named MVP of the NBA All-Star game when he scored 23 points in 22 minutes of action.


K-State Team Awards


Rolando Blackman Team Most Valuable Player

One of the greatest to wear the uniform at Kansas State, the team's most valuable player award was established for Rolando Blackman beginning in the 2006-07 season.  Blackman is one of just three players in school history to be named Big Eight Conference Player of the Year and one of just three to earn first team all-conference honors three times.  The school's second all-time leading scorer with 1,844 points, he was the last Wildcat to be selected as a first team All-American.  

2009   Denis Clemente, guard
2008   Michael Beasley, forward
2007   Cartier Martin, forward

Porky Morgan Most Inspirational Player

Porky Morgan served as K-State’s head athletic trainer for nearly 30 years prior to his death in February of 1980. The basketball team’s Most Inspirational Award, the most prestigious at the school, is named for Morgan.


2009   Chris Merriewether, guard
2008   Clent Stewart, guard
2007   Clent Stewart, guard
       Bill Walker, forward
2006   Dramane Diarra, forward
2005   Cartier Martin, forward

2004   Dez Willingham, forward

2003   Gilson DeJesus, forward

2002   Pervis Pasco, forward

2001   Larry Reid, guard

2000   Tony Kitt, forward

1999   Jay Heidrick, forward

1998   Aaron Swartzendruber, guard

       Marcus McCullough, guard

1997   Aaron Swartzendruber, guard

1996   Tyrone Davis, forward

       Aaron Swartzendruber, guard

1995   Demond Davis, forward

1994   Anthony Beane, guard

1993   Anthony Beane, guard

       Aaron Collier, forward

1992   Wylie Howard, forward

1991   Keith Amerson, guard

       Jeff Wires, guard

1990   Steve Henson, guard

1989   Steve Henson, guard

1988   Steve Henson, guard

       Mitch Richmond, forward

1987   Lynn Smith, guard

1986   Ben Mitchell, forward

1985   Eddie Elder, forward

1984   Tyrone Jackson, forward

1983   Jim Roder, guard

1982   Tyrone Adams, guard

1981   Rolando Blackman, guard

1980   Jari Wills, center

1979   Steve Soldner, center

1978   Mike Evans, guard

1977   Mike Evans, guard

1976   Bobby Noland, forward

1975   Doug Snider, forward

1974   Lon Kruger, guard

1973   Lon Kruger, guard

1972   Lon Kruger, guard

1971   Dennis Lull, guard

1970   Jeff Webb, guard

1969   Bud Peithman, guard

1968   Steve Honeycutt, guard

1967   Galen Frick, forward

1966   Sammy Robinson, guard

1965   Jeff Simons, forward

1964   Willie Murrell, forward

1963   Gary Marriott, forward

1962   Pat McKenzie, forward

1961   Ced Price, center

1960   Mickie Heinz, forward

1959   Don Matuszak, guard

1958   Don Matuszak, guard

1957   Roy DeWitz, guard

1956   Fritz Schneider, guard

1955   Jim Smith, forward

1954   Jesse Prisock, center

1953   Bob Rousey, guard

1952   Don Upson, guard

1951   Ed Head, forward

1950   Lloyd Krone, guard


Tex Winter Outstanding Offensive Player Award

Established to honor legendary Wildcat coach Tex Winter, who laid claim to more league titles (8) and owns the best winning percentage of any coach in school history.   


2009   Jacob Pullen, guard
2008   Michael Beasley, forward
2007   David Hoskins, forward
2006   Cartier Martin, forward
2005   Jeremiah Massey, forward

2004   Jeremiah Massey, forward

2003   Matt Siebrandt, forward

2002   Larry Reid, guard

2001   Larry Reid, guard


Jack Hartman Defensive Player Award

The Defensive Player-of-the-Year Award was renamed to the Jack Hartman  Defensive Player-of-the-Year Award to honor the legendary K-State head coach following the 1998-99 season. Hartman, who coached at K-State from 1970-86, is the Wildcats’ all-time winningest coach with a 295-169 record.


2009   Dominique Sutton, forward
2008   Blake Young, guard
2007   Akeem Wright, forward
2006   Akeem Wright, forward
2005   Justin Williams, forward

2004   Jarrett Hart, forward

2003   Gilson DeJesus, forward

2002   Matt Siebrandt, forward

2001   Quentin Buchanan, forward

2000   Travis Reynolds, forward

1999   Ayome May, guard


Keith Amerson Academic Award

Established to honor former player Keith Amerson (1990-91), whose determination to reach his potential on and off the court set the standard for future K-State student-athletes.


2009   Victor Ojeleye, forward
2008   Clent Stewart, guard
2007   Clent Stewart, guard
2006   Clent Stewart, guard
2005   Clent Stewart, guard

2004   Josh Eilert, forward

2003   Schyler Thomas, guard

2002   Ivan Sulic, forward

2001   Ivan Sulic, forward

2000   Josh Reid, forward

1999   Josh Reid, forward

1998   Josh Reid, forward

1997   Josh Reid, forward

1996   Aaron Swartzendruber, guard

1995   Tyrone Davis, forward

1994   Askia Jones, guard

1993   Aaron Collier, forward

1992   Wylie Howard, forward

       John Rettiger, center


Ernie Barrett Hustle Award

Established to honor legendary K-State All-American Ernie Barrett beginning in the 2000-01 season. 


2009   Luis Colon, forward
2008   Darren Kent, forward

       Dominique Sutton, forward
2007   Luis Colon, forward

2006   Schyler Thomas, guard
2005   Jeremiah Massey, forward

2004   Jarrett Hart, guard

2003   Gilson DeJesus, forward

2002   Matt Siebrandt, forward

2001   Kelvin Howell, forward


Dean Harris Newcomer of the Year

The Dean Harris Newcomer of the Year Award was established in 1974 following the tragic death of Harris, Kansas State’s lovable and talented freshman from East St. Louis, Ill. Recipients are judged on many of the same characteristics Harris displayed: dedication, enthusiasm, basketball ability and team play.


2009   Jamar Samuels, forward
2008   Jacob Pullen, guard
2007   Blake Young, guard

2006   David Hoskins, forward  
2005   Clent Stewart, guard

2004   Jeremiah Massey, forward

2003   Frank Richards, guard

2002   Marcelo Da Barrosa, forward

2001   none selected

2000   Quentin Buchanan, forward

1999   Tony Kitt, forward

       Cortez Groves, guard

1998   Duane Davis, guard

       Ty Sims, forward

1997   Pero Vasiljevic, forward

       Josh Reid, forward

1996   Ayome May, guard

       Shawn Rhodes, forward

1995   Mark Young, guard

1994   Kevin Lewis, center

1993   George Hill, center

1992   Brian Henson, guard

1991   No freshmen played

1990   Askia Jones, guard/forward

1989   None selected

1987   Steve Henson, guard

1986   Norris Coleman, forward

1985   Ron Meyer, forward

1984   Alex Williams, center

1983   Jim Roder, guard

1982   Lafayette Watkins, forward

1981   Steve Reid, guard

1980   Les Craft, center

1979   Ed Nealy, forward

1978   Rolando Blackman, guard

1977   Curtis Redding, forward

1976   Keith Frazier, guard

1975   Mike Evans, guard



Mitch Richmond Mr. Basketball Award

Established to honor K-State All-American Mitch Richmond beginning in the 2007-08 season.  

2009   Darren Kent, forward
2008   Bill Walker, forward

Academic All-Big Eight (First Team)

1995   Tyrone Davis

1989   Mark Dobbins

1988   Mark Dobbins

1987   Mark Dobbins

1985   Eddie Elder

1984   Eddie Elder

       Jim Roder

1983   Eddie Elder

1982   Tim Jankovich

       Ed Nealy

1981   Tim Jankovich

       Ed Nealy

1980   Tim Jankovich

       Ed Nealy

1976   Bobby Noland

1975   Doug Snider

1974   Lon Kruger

1973   Lon Kruger

       Ernie Kusnyer

       Larry Williams

1972   Lon Kruger

       David Hall

1966   Earl Seyfert

       Roy Smith

1965   Roy Smith

Big 12 Sixth Man of the Year

2007   Cartier Martin, forward