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Postgame Quotes



Dec. 18, 2012

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Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes
Head Coach Bruce Weber
Opening Statement…
“When you look at the schedule a couple weeks ago, and you knew you had Gonzaga and Florida, I kept reminding our guys that if you watch Texas Southern scores, they are a team to be reckoned with. It is a tough game and it is a trap game. I think Stephen F. Austin beat Oklahoma tonight, so you get these holiday games, that if you are not ready to play, teams come in and make plays. These guys are for real. I mentioned on the radio show last night, that if you look at Joe Lanardi’s Bracketology, even though they are 1-10 now, he has them in the tournament. I think that is the respect that you see from them. They make shots. I thought (Omar) Strong was really tough to guard in the first half. He probably got a little winded because Rodney (McGruder) dealt with him a little better in the second half. Rodney did a nice job but obviously, (Ray) Penn got going in the second half and really put on a show in the last three or four minutes. It was a tussle. We got a little inpatient in the first half and a little antsy. We did not let the game come to us. We had too many turnovers and we took too many quick shots. I thought in the second half, we settled down a little bit and took care of the basketball. We got the ball where we could take easy baskets. We talked about making shots. We made 56 percent but we did not stop them. I think that we were the third-leading 3-point defensive team in the country, but that is out the window after tonight. I hope somewhere here we can put it all together, but we still got the victory and we still got Rodney going a little bit with 17 shots. He looked like a player tonight; he jumped up and made shots and seemed very confident and he did a very nice job on Strong in the second half. (Thomas) Gipson got going with a double-double. He did not have much energy at Gonzaga, I do not know if it was having exams or the travel, but he definitely played with a lot more zip tonight. He did a nice job tonight – not only with the 14 points and 12 rebounds – but with the four blocks and three steals. He was very active.”

On trying to stop Texas Southern from beyond the arc …
“With Will (Spradling), he had one right in front of the bench in the first half where he almost blocked it with his face and if he had gotten any closer, it would have been a foul. It just went in and he turned to me and said ‘What do I do Coach?’. They got going and Penn had a heat check down the stretch. They did not even ball screen at the end, they just let them go and waited to see what happened. We have to guard them when there is not much else to do. We thought that if we were solid, we would wear them down sooner or later and they would start missing them. Obviously, they did not do that tonight.”

On Shane Southwell’s development  …
“He got boogered up a little bit and he had a couple things in practice to deal with. The thing that they have to learn is that you have to practice hard. Success is not something that comes. Success has to happen every day. You do not just snap your fingers and have success. It is every day. You have to practice well and that is one thing that he has to learn. Whether it is him or other guys, you have to practice every day to get better. If you do not practice every day, once you go against tough teams, you are not going to be ready to play.”

Senior Forward Rodney McGruder

On his performance tonight…
“Coach Weber gave a great speech before the game and that loss to Gonzaga really hurt me. It woke me up and it was a wake-up call.”

On bouncing back from the loss to Gonzaga…
“I was just really hurt after that game. The way I played and the outcome of the game, I just wanted to give my all tonight.”

On his mid-range game…
“It was within the offense but I do like shooting from that spot on the floor.”

Sophomore Forward Thomas Gipson
On posting a double-double…
“I just wanted to come out and play hard tonight because I was kind of embarrassed how I played against Gonzaga. I took it personal and on top of that, coach Lowery was kind of disappointed in us. He just wanted to play with passion and energy, and that is what I did.”

Texas Southern Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Mike Davis
Opening Statement…
“We knew it would be a physical game tonight. I thought (Rodney) McGruder did a great job in the first half scoring getting 14 points, and then he came into the second half and carried them. I thought (Thomas) Gipson did a really good job inside. During the second half, all of the offensive rebounds really hurt us down the stretch. They are a well coached team. We did not make free throws and missed open lay-ups in the first half. I am really proud of our team and the effort that we gave.”

On Rodney McGruder’s play…
“He just had it going early, came off the down screen and curled it right into the paint, shot two uncontested shots and got it going. Once you get a guy into a rhythm, it is very hard to stop him. I thought he played fantastic tonight he is a very good basketball player.”

On the play of Ray Penn …
“We just hope we can get Ray or Omar (Strong) going at the same time. It seems like one will have a good night, then the other will have a good half and vice versa. We wanted to set up ball screens to get him to go up against the two guard, where he would have an advantage getting to the basket. He made some really big shots for us tonight.”

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