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Strength and Conditioning

The Powercat strength and conditioning program is designed to "build better athletes," not to develop powerlifters, Olympic weightlifters, or body-builders. Powercat strength and conditioning trains the Wildcats to play the game!

Obviously, when most people think of strength coaches, they think of weightlifting. And Kansas State's newly-renovated strength complex boasts two weight rooms, over 12,000 square feet of floor space, 35,000 lbs. of weights, plus platforms, racks, benches, and machines. So weight training is a big part of the program. But Powercat strength and conditioning does not coach weightlifters, it trains athletes.

In the sport of weightlifting, it's all about how much weight you lift - the person who lifts the most weight wins. In strength and conditioning, it's all about being prepared to win on game day. That's what they do - prepare the Wildcats to win!

Speed development, agility, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and nutrition are some of the areas that fall under the umbrella of strength and conditioning. Kansas State strives to develop the total athlete through a total body program. K-State employs nutrition counters in both strength facilities to "fuel the athletes" and equip them to meet the demands of training.



Breaking ground in 2014, the new Vanier Football Complex will add over 18,300 square feet of strength training space, with multi-level height ceilings, natural lighting and a mezzanine overlook. There will also be a plyometric ramp with adjacent running lanes leading out to the football field.

K-State is blessed to have the type of first-rate facilities that allow student-athletes to develop to their fullest potential and become champions.

  • Vanier Football Complex
    Sports: Football, Men's Golf, Women's Golf, Rowing

  • Football Indoor Practice Facility
    Sports: Volleyball, Track & Field, Tennis, Equestrian

  • Tointon Family Stadium (John Allen Strength Center)
    Sports: Baseball

  • Basketball Training Facility
    Sports: Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball



Chris Dawson Director of Strength & Conditioning; FB 785-532-6835 cpdawson@kstatesports.com
Danny Cavender Head Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach 785-410-2682 dcavender@kstatesports.com
Jimmy Price Strength & Conditioning Coach; MBB, WBB 785-532-2733 jprice@kstatesports.com
Joe Cronn Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; WTEN, FB, Cheer 785-532-1464 jtc8787@k-state.edu
Darren Honeycutt Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; FB 785-532-1461 dhoney@kstatesports.com
Tyler Looney Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; BB, MGolf, WGolf 785-532-2809 tlooney@kstatesports.com
Corey Meredith Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; FB 785-532-1463 cmeredith@kstatesports.com
Kevin Schadt Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach; FB 785-532-1464 kschadt@kstatesports.com
Katie McClosky Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant   kamcclos@k-state.edu
AJ Kloss Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant   akloss@k-statesports.com